LED Lighting

November 20, 2017


Winter is approaching, and with it comes dark mornings and evenings when we need to use our lights more… This can get expensive for anyone but especially anyone who has halogen downlighters in their kitchen or other rooms of the house… Let’s get the math’s out of the way quickly to demonstrate the problem…


Say a kitchen has 8 x downlights… Each of them is typically rated at 50w so that’s 400w straight away… If we have them on for an extra 3 hours a day that’s a total of  1.2Kw/h. The average you pay per Kw/h in the UK is 14.3p* so every day is costing you an extra 17p… Doesn’t sound much until you think that this is pretty much the minimum you’re going to spend every day for 5 months or more… It all adds up to over £25, and remember that’s in addition to any other time you’re running those lights (dull days, Christmas & New Year etc.) and remember that so far, we’re only looking at the kitchen here…. If you think about bathrooms and other rooms where you need lights on it all adds to the problem!


So what’s the answer?


LED replacements for any inefficient light bulbs, downlighters etc. have come down in price significantly in recent years and the technology has improved immeasurably. A single 50w halogen can easily be swapped for the LED equivalent of 5w with exactly the same output and quality of light (no warm up period as for compact fluorescents either). If we take the scenario above and swap those halogens for LED we reduce the cost to £2.57!


So for an average household it makes sense to get rid of your inefficient lighting and replace with LED technology, you’ll save money and be kinder to the environment, also LEDs last much longer and run much cooler than halogen (the reason why halogen is so inefficient is that it converts most of the energy it uses into heat not light)!




Why not call us and get a quote for swapping your old halogens for efficient LEDs today, just think of how much you’ll save over the coming festive period, when you’re spending so much time in the kitchen and guests are using bathrooms etc. You’ll start saving straight away and for many years to come…!






*Source https://www.ukpower.co.uk/home_energy/tariffs-per-unit-kwh

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